Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seeds, work, projects, etc.

Howdy, friends. Long time no post! Fall around the farm doesn't mean that the work is done. On the contrary, there is a whole new batch of stuff to do. Last week, E. (with help from our friend and musical companion Terese) picked a whole boatload of veggies just before frost took the majority of the garden. Now there is a new round of canning and freezing underway, even as the holidays roll in and other projects take off.

  • Tim of Oleo Acres is doing some work for us again, helping to tear down the "Old Shop". The Old Shop was the home to hand tools and equipment before the New Shop was built in the 1970s. It was already in a state of disrepair when a pair of trees fell on the roof during the storms earlier this year. Now, the whole thing is coming down. What finds! I'll post pictures of some of the antique (working) equipment later. Tim is also salvaging any good lumber for us to use in repairing other barns.

  • We still have a big patch of turnips in the garden, so we'll be eating greens through most of the winter. We also planted about 30lbs or garlic with help from our trusty WWOOFer friends, so look for a Garlic Festival outside Stanton, TN in June!

  • Also, we are starting a small CSA in 2012. Seed ordering time is upon us, and we will post a list once we have had our fun with the 2012 catalogs.