Garlic Festival!

2012 GARMACY Festival

GARlic Festival
MAker Faire
FreeCYcle Event

Saturday, August 25
3pm to 8pm
Entry fee: $2 per car (covers parking and entry)

At Oak Hill Farm! 1280 Keeling Rd., Stanton, TN
Click here for a map.

GARLIC: Our garlic is in and curing during the peak of Summer's heat. Come taste garlics of the world, learn about growing garlic, and participate in the garlic cookoff!*

Click here for the full Garlic Cookoff rules and entry form! 

MAKER FAIRE: Do you make things? Anything from crochet to cabernet, from rainsticks to robots. Email us at oakhill1832 (at) if you want to set up a table so SELL things you made yourself--no reselling!

FREECYCLE: Do you have hand-me-downs? An extra toaster oven? Old books? Canned goods? Here is your chance to display your wares and let them move along into other hands. No selling here; bring something, take something, or both. NOTE: If you bring something and nobody wants it, please plan to take it back home with you!

Click here for seller and Freecycle guidelines!

We will also have tours of the house and farm, a chance for kids to feed the hogs, and plenty of lawn space for a picnic (bring a picnic!!)

*The short Garlic Cookoff description: bring a dish featuring garlic. Dishes will be scored based on creativity (up to 5 points), use of garlic (up to 5 points), and overall taste (up to 5 points). Dishes have to be at the farm with an entry form completed by 5pm on August 25.

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  1. oh, man. i was reeeeeeaaaallly looking forward to this, but chris and I have a wedding to go to that evening. maybe virginia or mom will be my proxy and can bring me back some garlicy goodies.