Saturday, June 16, 2012

Box 6: Last of the spring!

What a great spring! We have loved filling up the boxes every week; there is something very satisfying about planting seeds, seeing plants grow to maturity, and then assembling everything into boxes. Not quite as satisfying as cooking the veggies, but still...  We have learned a lot in the process, and our first-season CSAers were wonderful to help us in the process. Thanks!

Clockwise from top: Swiss chard, kale, kohlrabi,
 basil, cucumbers, green onions, cabbage.

The Last Box of Spring!

  • Swiss Chard: any way you cook it, chard is a treat. Try it in a salad, or sauteed with garlic in a little olive oil.
  • Kale: it's back! We weren't sure the kale would last until this week, but our unusually cool June is your gain.
  • Kohlrabi: We had never grown this one before. We tried a variation of kohlrabi mashed potatoes this week, and it was a hit. Note: the peeled lower stem is crunchy and good in a salad.
  • Basil: We love basil. Seriously. Add it to anything. Try a leaf or three on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Instead of chocolate sauce, drizzle a balsamic vinegar reduction over the top.
  • Cucumbers: It is a shame that our tomatoes aren't ready, or we would share our favorite gazpacho recipe. The cukes are still going strong: watch this space and our Facebook page; Ellie will be hosting a pickle making workshop later in June.
  • Green onions!
  • Cabbage: These are tiny, but they try so hard. Stuffed cabbage? Cabbage soup? Maybe just slaw: shred the cabbage; in a pot heat equal amounts of sugar and white vinegar (for one small head, maybe half to 3/4 cup each) and a teaspoon (or less) of celery seed. Heat just to simmer and dissolve the sugar. Pour over the cabbage, toss once, leave to cool. Serve with a side of pulled pork.
Look for the summer CSA email coming soon!


  1. I put some of my basil in a pot, since it had roots. Do you think it will grow?

  2. It should take off if it's well watered. Pinch off any flowers as they begin to bloom, and your basil will continue to give you fresh leaves all summer long. Don't expect it to last through the winter, though... we've never had much luck bringing basil indoors. Any of our readers have overwintering tips?